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October Newsletter

Thrive 5

Everybody has mental health; it is all different, with so many ways to support it. For example: engaging in culture, being in nature, spiritual and gratitude practices. Most important is you find something you value.

Thrive 5 are factors that are evidence based that can help foster and maintain a healthy mind. These include, exercise, sleep, healthy nutrition, supportive relationships and helping others. These are not the only ways to support mental health as mentioned above but are actionable areas that we can all review if in a challenging situation and wanting to enhance our coping skills.

Here are the Thrive 5 and tips to embrace these factors:

o   Sleep Soundly

We need between 7-9 hours of “restful” sleep a day. To help reach this amount, turn off screens before bed, wake up and go to bed at the same time, and considering taking a short nap as needed as long as it does not interfere with your nightly ZZZ’s. Establish a routine that works for you!

o   Eat Well

You must nourish to flourish! Fuel your body in a balanced way that feels right. A balanced diet can fuel our body and reduce symptoms associated to poor mental health. Have a plan to incorporate nutritious, wholesome foods alongside those you genuinely enjoy. It is all about balance!

o   Move More

Adding movement of at least 30 minutes/day can help manage stress and boost mood. Take a walk around your neighborhood, join a community exercise class, or explore with a hike. Remember, the movement you seek should not be something you force, but something you enjoy!

o   Give Back

People who are kind, generous, and compassionate see clear benefits to their wellbeing and happiness. Lend a helping hand by running errands or shoveling the driveway of a neighbor or volunteer with a local organization. Give back in a meaningful way that resonates with you.

o   Say Hi

Say hi, smile, and connect with others to foster your social relationships. Spending time with those in your community can provide the sense of belonging and natural support. Connect with those that lift you up and bring positive energy to your day!