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Community Health Promotion Services (CHPS) aims to prevent and reduce harms related to alcohol and drug misuse and mental health disorders by maximizing the well-being of children, adolescents and families in the Calgary Zone.

Our Priorities

We support community to implement local solutions that prevent and reduce problematic substance use and/or mental health concerns in youth. We strive to be informed by the latest research evidence and use an equity lens to promote environments that support good health and belonging. CHPS works to build capacity in adults who interact with youth who are interested in preventing and reducing problematic substance use/mental health concerns in youth.

We work with

Diverse Parents and Son Playing Video Game

How we work


Are you looking to address substance use and/or mental health concerns in your community? CHPS consults with interested stakeholders to offer evidence, suggestions and resources that support your work.


Are you looking to work with others to increase your community’s health and well-being? CHPS collaborates where appropriate by joining and taking part in committees, attending stakeholder meetings, forming and supporting coalitions and working in ways that invite and connect a wide range of partners with common goals.


Are you looking for more information on youth substance use and/or mental health concerns? CHPS provides expertise and identifies available resources that meet recognized community needs. CHPS offers knowledge that informs, strengthens and increases the effectiveness of actions taken by communities and stakeholders, including resources related to substance use, vaping/e-cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol, cannabis, video gaming and mental health.

CHPS Partners

Meet Mental Health Collaborative

CHPS is a program in Mental Health Collaborative, which is a Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Psychiatry Program (CAAMHPP) within Alberta Health Services (AHS).

Mental Health Collaborative (formerly HMHC: Healthy Minds Healthy Children) provides information virtually and in person to our broad audiences, ensuring that evidence-based information, related to mental health; substance use; mental disorders, and mental illness is grounded in research and available to the public. We strive to create consistency of messaging and language across the audiences we target.

This service is the umbrella under which a variety of other services are provided including:

Through an accredited 6-month mini-fellowship continuing medical education, CanREACH educates and empowers health care providers to assess and treat pediatric mental health concerns in the primary care home. CanREACH changes health care provider practices, benefiting patients and the larger health care system.
Community Education Service facilitates virtual live educational sessions on a wide variety of child and adolescent mental health and health topics to parents, guardians, and other members of the general public. These presentations are recorded and available for viewing after the date presented.

Continuing Professional Development provides accredited on-line modules for professionals on a wide variety of child and adolescent mental health topics


Mental Health Literacy offers free, evidence-based; used nationally and internationally. It is customizable to the needs of educators and students and tailored for educators, teachers who deliver the mental health curriculum, those working in youth-serving agencies, mental health professionals, health professionals and parents. Also offers resources on



Mental Health Online Resources for Educators offers on-line modules for educators in elementary and junior high school settings on a wide variety of child and adolescent mental health and substance use topics with applicable classroom strategies.